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      I am going to China in June to visit my friend, who is a Fulbright Scholar living in Wuhan and Beijing (he travels back and forth for research purposes), and will be traveling from Beijing through Central China (through Wuhan and then through the Tibetan Plateau, etc.) all the way into Xinjiang, with several stops along the way.

      Since I play mallet instruments and other tuned percussion (many many bells), I am looking to purchase a set of tuned bells when in China and the Tibetan Plateau , and was wondering if someone particularly knowledgeable on the subject would be able to recommend a few places to look for well-made tuned sets of bells, such as high-quality replicas of the Bian Zhong (Zeng) bells.

      …And tuned stone chimes like those shown here here:

      I also hope to purchase other kinds of Chinese tuned percussion instruments, like fangxiang (metallophone-like instrument), bianqing (tuned stone tablets), yunluo (tuned gongs), bronze drums, etc.

      Please let me know if you have any recommendations.

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