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      Here is the first of two bells that I have acquired that I have serious doubts of authenticity.

      This was sold as a Tibetan Monk’s bell, early 1900’s.
      it’s Brass (non ferric) 2 1/4″ diameter by 4″ tall.

      I note that the handle is bent but does not appear to be stretched. The underside of the ridges and rims are not sanded out (rough). The inside is partially finished but not at the top of the arch. The decoration around the side is uneven in both the repetitive pattern and in the way it drifts upwards around the bell. There are small bubbles in the side.

      I believe such bells, if real, would not have all these imperfections, and that this is a knock off meant to deceive. My understanding is that the craftsmanship of the monks, due to the time they spent on the items, would be of a much higher quality.

      Am I right?

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      Most Tibetan Monk’s Bells are held in one hand with a Dorge in the other hand. The Dorge has the Thunderbolt design on either end and the bell has a Dorge at the tip of the handle. A Budhist Pilgrim Bell has a Lotus blossom at the tip of a wooden handle and a red braided knot attached to it. This has a design that appears to be Indian and has a plain handle. The clapper and clapper assembly appears modern. Isuspect that this is a modern Indian hand bell. It could be used in a temple, but I suspect that it was made for4 the tourist trade. It is interesting.
      Harry Long, MD

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