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      This bell is 3 X 5 and made of copper or brass and has a double O mark . please help me ID this bell if possible

      The bolt was added by me to make the bell work.

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      The Double 0 is the numeral 8 in 1811.

      Enter 1811 bell in the search box at the upper right and you will
      find more information than you probably want to know about this bell.


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      I new the screw connecting the two part was fairly new. I overlooked seeing 1811 all I saw was the 8.
      I was looking this up for a friend LOL.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      This bell is what is referred to as a Mexican-type Souvenir Bell, made in the 1950s to 1960s for the tourist trade. There is a lot of discussion about this type of bell on this website. Go up the top of any forum page to where it says “Search” and type in “1811 bell” and you will find that there are at least 21 postings about this kind of bell. Also, you may want to search for “Max Kurillo” on the forum. Max has done extensive research about this kind of bell and had shared some of his findings with others on the forum.

      These bells were not made in the year that is on the bell. They were made to look old.

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