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      I was hoping to get some info on a bell I purchased recently. I searched the regular areas on the web to try to hone down age, similar styles, country of origin etc and have come up dry. Any information would be greatly appreciated. The sellers only info was that their grandfather worked on a farm in upstate NY when he was in his 20’s (the sellers were in their forties) and that the farm owners were collectors and often gave gifts to the workers. That’s all I got.

      Stats… Height: 4 inches with a roughly 1 inch loop up top, Diameter: (?) oval bottom 4 1/2 inches by 2 1/4, Engraving: shown in pics, Material: brass?, Clapper: roughly 6 inches high, 3 1/4 inch around, very hard wood. No makers markings to be seen.

      I’m sure I may have missed some details, so if there is anything else I could add please let me know.



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      You have a very nice water buffalo bell that is used in many asian areas in a few different styles.
      They turn up from time to time, incised with the word “Burma’ is most common I find.

      do a search in the above right (blue bar at top) for “water buffalo” and you will see an item ‘
      Re: Help Identifing A Bell for ABA Member” that matches your bell.

      The stick clapper is original and very much normal. As this is covered in the other postings I’ll leave you to read the details there!

      Hope that helps!

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      Thank you so much Gary, the info is much appreciated! This definitely will help me research the bell further. I was trying many “fill in the _ _ _ _” bell searches and this should help narrow it down for me. I love researching new finds. Thanks again for the fast reply! Now its time to see how old it may be…

      This site has already proved to be a great resource.

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