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      I have a church bell from the C.S. Bell Co. and on the yolk it says 44 and I am trying to determine the value of it. I inherited from my Grandfather. From the stories I ws told as a kid he got it from a United Church, but the date is a bit foggy when he actually got it. Any help I can get on the value would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a phot as well


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      Rhys: There’s no way to know it’s value until it sells at auction. If it was mine I’d list it at eBay with a $5000 starting bid because of it’s excellent condition, buyer to arrange for removal. If no bid was received I’d lower the price $500 each time I relisted until there was a bidder or I decided to keep the bell. Few people desire such a large bell and shipping will be costly unless the buyer has a forklift and suitable trailer. Unlike smaller bells, this one cannot be loaded onto a truck by 2 or 3 people. An appraisal of anything is only someone’s opinion. Actual value is the highest price a buyer is willing to pay for an item.

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