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      I just recently purchased this bell at an auction, hidden away under some tubing in a garage. It says “The C.S Bell Co 2 Hillsboro, O.” and only “2” on the yoke. I have done some research and read about the company and Charles Singleton Bell. My question is. I cannot find a yoke like the one that my bell came with. I am not sure if it the original one or not. I did read something about Crystal Metal being imprinted on the yoke, but mine does not. It just simply has “2” on it. I would also like to know if this is a farm bell or school bell as well. Any help is appreciated. I tried uploading pictures but they are too big, sorry! Thanks!

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      Its a farm bell. It may be a yoke made by some little known foundry. I think back in the 80s a foundry in Alabama were casting similar farm bells but putting crystal metal logo and number but never put a company name on them Nowadays they come from china and made very thin compared to the original ones. They also put the clapper way up in the bell to avoid cracking due to the cheap made wall thinness of their bells. I do not recommend them even though they are ornate fancy on the outsides around the lip. They also sound too tinny.

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