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      (I can’t seem to delete the oversize uploaded image, and it doesn’t seem to like my linked picture.

      Admin, help! Thanks, Chris)

      I’m the sexton at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in San Luis Obispo, CA, the oldest wooden structure in town, and the second oldest church after the Mission.

      Our bell tower is in desperate need of replacement, and we took it down yesterday, with the help of our contractor and a crane.

      Last year we inspected the tower via reach lift, and I took some photos. I studied those extensively looking for info on the bell, to no avail.

      Once it was on the ground, I examined it more. No markings visible except a “32” in the middle of the yoke. The back side was too filled with paint to read anything.

      Serendipitously, across the street on a concrete pedestal is the old Emerson School bell, same exact design, only marked 36. The mfr’s mark on the back of the yoke was visible but not legible. I did a gravestone style rubbing of it for study.

      A Google image search wasn’t very helpful finding the half-circle yoke, so I searched for church bell forum and found this place.

      Thanks to this forum, I learned that the 2 bells are from Blymyer & Norton. Once I had that name, I could make it out on the rubbing.

      I also learned that the wooden style bell wheel is probably original (but ours was remade 25 years ago or so), and got a lead on where to get a replacement metal whee4, if that’s what we decide to do (www.lowerbells.com).

      Thanks again. If you want anymore stories about this let me know. We achieved our $30,000 fundraising goal the same day!

      Here’s a link and article in today’s Tribune about it with video.

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      Hello Chris
      Thanks for all of this information and link to the article.
      I will let other ABA members know, who will be interested.

      I am still learning and find that I could edit your text but not remove the “Upload Errors” note!
      Please resize your photo and resend.

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      David Elliott
      ABA website coordinator

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