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      While on vacation at Lake Como in northern Italy, I visited Menaggio several times – a short ferry boat ride across the lake from where we were staying. One day the lakefront promenade (Pic 4) hosted an arts and crafts fair. There I encountered Pietro Fardella (Pic 5, lituaniapr@yahoo.it), who makes and sells terra cotta bells, and was doing a brisk business in sales. Having found no decent metal bells for sale, I was “forced” to purchase the two in the last picture (€4 & €10). The larger bell has a surprisingly pleasant tone, and I intend to mount it outside with a wind-catcher below the clapper.

      Pietro describes his work as: “Nell’antica cultura lituana si pensava che il suono della campanella scacciava le malattie e disgrazie, allontanava le tempeste ed anime dannate. Si credeva che fosse un legame tra il cielo e la terra, perché suona con la voce di Dio.”

      A rough translation: “In ancient Lithuanian culture, it was thought that a bell cast out diseases, prevented accidents, kept storms away, and retrieved lost souls. It was believed that a bell was a link between heaven and earth, because it sounds with the voice of God.”

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