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      Mike in Texas writes:

      I am seeking info for a friend about a Swiss cow bell that she has. She is a Swiss German immigrant. She remembers from early childhood that her father had three of these. He died about 20 years ago and each of his three children got one. It is at least 50 years old. The strap measures about 45” long and about 8” wide. There is a green encrustation around some of the small brass parts. The inside of the strap shows some slight wear that possibly indicates that it actually may have had some service around a cows neck. The bell at its widest part is about 47” in circumference. The oval opening at the small end is 9 ¼” x 5”. It has a deep bass ring. I could not find any makers marks anywhere on the bell or the strap. Any information or a location where I might find more information and its value is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help-

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      This is a pressed steel Swiss Cow Bell. If there is not mark, then it would be hard to pinpoint the manufacturere. This is a large bell and would have been used on a large animal. I have been told by a Swiss Dairyman that he would place 1 pound of bell for every 100 pounds of animal.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Can anyone tell me or guess the value of this large Swiss Bell?

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      It is worth whatever the buyer is willing to spend. I would estimate between $250-$400.
      HJLong, MD

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