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      Here’s a puzzle! It’s a bell that looks like a cow bell but has characteristics of a bell rung by hand.
      My guess is a strap bell hung by a door or something and rung to announce dinner maybe?

      Vital Stats:
      All brass, including clapper AND clapper rod, only exception is the eyebolt at the top of the bell (inside).
      5 inches tall (SQUARE D mount takes up 1″ of that)
      Mount is VERY square shaped, and has SWEDEN stamped in it.
      It’s also 5″ in diameter, so a substantial bell.
      As you can see the clapper has a ring at the bottom to accommodate a rope to swing it with. (Just has the remnants of a leather lace tied to it right now.)

      The light area at the top -inside- is a leftover cocoon, so it was hung or stored outside for a while.

      Anyone heard of a swedish bell like this?


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      Many members have a similar Swedish bell with the inscription “Jul” or “Jul Aften” and are known as Swedish Jul Bells and are sold as souvenir bells. This one is plain and probably served as a cow bell in the same manner as the Swiss Cow Bells.
      Harry Long, MD

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      I’ll look those up Harry.
      But if a cow bell, then why the clapper with a ring for a lanyard?
      It appears to have had a leather line in place of the lanyard in this case, but it indicates something that was hand swung, doesn’t it?


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      I don’t know if they do this in Sweden, but bells with lanyards are commonly used as doorbells next to the front door in many places in the Netherlands. Lanyard bells are also used as ship bells. As was pointed out, the extra hole for a lanyard is uncommon in herd bells.

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