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      This is probably pretty easy for some of you out there, but for me – I have no clue. Would you please help me ID this bell. I believe it is bronze – by the slight reddish tint it is returning too after being polished. The arm has not been cleaned or polished and shows what the patina of the bell when I got it.

      She was scratched and dinged when I got her – but still is pretty.

      Diameter is 7 7/8″

      Inside is rough – with line around bell where clapper would strike – looks like the bell was used often.

      Clapper is an unusual design – in that it is missing an eyelet but looks like a lanyard could still be affixed

      The mounting arm – note the 8 mark. Also it is appears that the arm would slide into a holder (any idea where i could find a holder?)

      Any help would be sincerely appreciated – i have not been able to find a clapper like this anywhere online. Any clues on the age and use of this bell? Thanks!

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