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      I have a 1914 Stuckstede bell. It is 21 inches in diameter. It is very heavy. It was made by Stuckstede & Bro. [brother], the second of the two Stuckstede bellfoundries in St.Louis. This foundry was operated by two nephews of Henry Stuckstede, who ran the first such foundry. Unfortunately, there are no surviving records from any of the St.Louis bellfoundries, so there is no possibility of tracing the history of my bell from that direction. From its size, it was most probably purchased by a small- to medium-sized church, either Catholic or mainline protestant. It’s unlikely to have been a school or fire bell, which are the other most common usages.

      The bell and its fittings are in fairly good condition. The jam nut on top of the mounting bolt needs to be screwed down tighter against the other nut, for security. My grandmother use to be a member/past president of the Oregon chapter.

      I currently have it displayed in my backyard. We are relocating and will not be able to take it with me. Any suggestions on what to do with my bell – organization or person? I hate for it to land in the hand of scrap metal thieves.

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      I would love to have that bell and would put it in a beautiful place here. It would be expensive I’m sure though.

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      There are several ABA participants that may be interested in that bell, including me.
      You might list it in the “SELL” section of these forums and gauge response.
      Ebay also has bells listed for sale or auction.
      There are at least two other major dealers in used church bells who would make you a wholesale offer
      Or perhaps find a local (Pacific North West?) institution or group in need.
      Photos would go a long way to creating interest too.
      Good Luck

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        I appreciate the response. I’ll list it in the for sell. There was a school that had their bell stolen. I tried to give it to them, but they found a new bell. I found an organization in Michigan that buys bells but they said I’d have to ship it to them. I can’t imagine the shipping cost.

        I tried to upload photos, but they were the wrong size. A neighbor said she would take it but I’d love to know it was going to someone who would appreciate it.

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      Carolyn Whitlock
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