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      Robert in Connecticut writes:

      I have what I believe is an original streetcar bell in nice condition but can find little about them anywhere nor any sales on ebay. How can I authenicate it and are they that rare? I am doing this for an elderly gentleman, who received the bell from an uncle in Florida years ago. It was used there as a doorbell for a decade or longer. The uncle identified it as a San Francisco street car bell but Mr. Andrews believes that may only be the kind of family lore that expands over time. Although Mr Andrews is a longtime volunteer at our local train museum and can (has) put locomotives back in shape this is outside his area of knowledge. I do have several pictures of the bell which I am attaching. Thanks for your help, Robert

      Subsequently, Robert sent this message:

      Found out a little more..Muni stands for Municipal Railway, the turn of the century RR co that ran the cable cars! Check the photo linked below…


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      Carolyn Whitlock


      Here is a picture of my cable car bell. As you can see, it is of a different bracket design.

      Now, can anyone tell me if there is a difference between a street car bell and a cable car bell? Thanks.

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      I was perusing older submissions and came across this thread. The pictured bell is of a Cable Car Brakeman’s bell. This is mounted on the roff of the cable car above the brakeman in the front of the cable car and is rung as a warning to obstructing vehicles to get out of the way. Carolyn’s bell is a Conductor’s bell that is mounted on the side of the cable car next to the brakeman and is rung by the conductor in the rear of the cable car to indicate that all have departed or entered the cable car and it is safe for the brakeman to proceed with movement of the car. Your bell appears to be old and has seen some use. It does not appear to be a reproduction that can be purchased at the SF Cable Car Museum today.
      Harry Long, MD

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