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      ovidiu oana

      Hi, Friends!

      as I told you into one of my posts, crotals were used mainly spherical in six basic ways common to all geographic areas and all time
      1. protect newborns
      2. decorations – harness and chariot or animals sled
      3. ritual instrument
      4. decorative ceremonial clothing
      5. rol marking and protection of domestic animals
      6. jewelry

      But, all world arround, bells take some strange shapes:

      – first of all and oldest are the african spiral pattern bells:
      (see a photo of my collection);

      – another ”special” one derivated from crotals, an Aztec spiral bronze bell you can see at:
      http://bells.zuavra.net/picture_view.php?picture=426 ;

      – also, an unusual shape bell is another Aztec bell cast in pre-Columbian period as a monkey head:
      http://bells.zuavra.net/picture_view.php?picture=427 ;

      – rings, bracelets, clothes were decorated with various shapes of bells and you can see a part of this types in my collection in albums about antique, spherical or decorative bells comming from China, India, Pakistan, Russia, Romania, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Byzantine period, Africa or Central America;

      One of the pcs decorate with 152 bells and tens of stones is a very old turkoman jewelry:

      This was the third part of my presentation about spherical bells and there are a lot of other in public or private collections.
      Thank you for visiting the post!

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