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      Marisa from Mexico asks:

      Dear American Bell Association, We are heartbroken because two of our three chapel bells were stolen on July 15. Is there an international registry of stolen bells? Thank you, Marisa

      The smaller two bells were stolen on the night of July 14-15 2009. The thieves were unable to get the middle and larger bell down.

      After I made some suggestions to Marisa, she told me what she has already done about trying to get the bells back:

      I realize I didn’t really mention to you what I have done about the bells. I filed what is called a “denuncia” which is a police report. Then the bells were on the television news, then I made 200 copies of that photo and some enlargements which I gave to the Attorney General of the State because he was quite supportive. The morning that they were stolen I went straight to the scrap collectors and told them that I would like their help in intercepting the bells (and possibly buying them back). I went to the antique dealers that I know here and left photos of the bells, and made phone calls to other dealers in Puebla and Mexico City. Then the police came and looked in the coffee fields (which are quite helpful to delinquents of all kinds because they are “mixed agroforestry”, like a little forest, and easy to hide things in) with machetes, long knives.

      Now I am contacting foundries, the larger ones, but I can see that there is a capillary system of “metal recapture” in which the bells could easily be destroyed and disguised, very disheartening. This is the worst part of it all.

      And I am going to file a federal suit with a description of the bells, so that if they turn up for sale or at auction even years from now, they could possibly be identified and returned. This is a long shot, I know.

      And we are praying a Novena to Saint Anthony of Padua, who helps find things that have been lost!!!
      Thanks again, Marisa

      I don’t know what else Marisa can do. Do you?

      If you can help, please post a response.

      This inquiry was originally sent to the ABA’s Internet Coordinator. Responses are opinions of individuals based on their personal research and knowledge.


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      Marisa, You are one fantastic lady, your dedication to retrive the bells is what we inthe USA make movies about. I am sure all of us bell collectors and bell hisorians are very sorry for the loss of the bells. We here north of the border have bells stolen also, the price of copper, brass etc makes the theft almost worth it. Probably an hour after they took the bells que se divide en muchos trozos.
      All of us here on the Bell Talk would be intrested to see the discriptions of the bells, not that we can help much, but this is part of our bell history that was taken. New bells are very expensive and just do not have the same voice that the antigua pequeñas campanas have. Thank you for sharing this with us, please keep us informed of the progress. Mejores deseos, dios de la velocidad. Max Kurillo, San Diego, CA.

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