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      I have a large bell that has steel alloy 24 school bell on the yoke and came out of a school house in Walden, OK. As far as I know there is no longer a Walden OK. This bell is in excellent condition and I’d like to find out the value of it. It is too heavy for me to move it to get pictures since it is in a corner in my garage.

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      Condition, condition, condition…
      Check ebay listings for a range, although some recent asking prices are rather extreme.
      Over the last ten years I purchased complete 24″ bell sets for as little as $350 and watched some restored actually sell for over $2K.
      Condition issues include cracks, chips, and repairs, original parts including wheel, rust and pitting and erosion of letters and numbers, loose fit between bowl and yoke which risks damage, solid mounting frame, and others.
      Condition, condition…. and location, as transportation can be a costly factor in value.
      Good luck… and photos are critical in narrowing an assessment.

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