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      I have a bell from a Michigan Central RR steam locomotive built between 1910 and 1926. Does anyone have one too. The bell had no road number on it and I would really like to find out which locomotive it came from. I know where it came from and I there is a casting number on the bell. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      It took me 14 months but I found which locomotive my bell came from. I purchased it from a gentleman who acquired the bell in 1989. The original owners acquired the bell/bracket in 1949 and lived in the vacinity of Gaylord MI.

      MCRR/NYCRR only scrapped one steam locomotive in 1949. My bell came from an H7d Mikado #7927 built in 1913 by ALCO in their Brooks shops. It was renumbered 2027 in 1936. I also found, what is probably the only photograph of the locomotive taken in 1948.

      I am looking for the builders plate for the locomotive. If anyone knows of someone who would have an ALCO builders plate or plates in their collection from 1913. I would be interested in purchasing the plate off of this locomotive. I know the production number of the plate.

      I have restored the bell to it’s “found in” condition. I left the original pitting and machining marks in the bell as poloshing it to a mirror finish would only take away from it’s value. I had to machine a few new parts, but have made a stand with a drawer in it to keep the original parts in.

      I have documented every step and have the written documentation to clarify which locomotive it came from.

      I have made the bell to look like it did when it came from ALCO. I only have one nut on the clapper yoke, which had to be replaced because the threads had corroded to the point of not holding a nut, instead of the two that held the anti-roll bar in place.

      The only thing I added was a small bronze finial to finish it off, but this can be unscrewed to show the nut holding the clapper yolk and bell in place.

      I am also looking for No 1 brass grease cups with 1/4″ pipe threads.

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      Peter Hyde

      Any chance of a photo?

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      How do I post a photo on this site?

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      Peter Hyde

      It is explained elswhere on this site.
      This is what you do in my words if it helps.

      Go to:



      Download photos – max 800×600

      Go to your album which your downloads will create.

      Beneath the photo you wish to post (or all the ones you want to post) tick the little box on the bottom left hand corner of your photo.

      Then beneath the album you will see a box ‘Generate HTML & IMG Code’

      Click that box.

      Now you will see five options.

      Go the the third one beginning ‘IMG clickable thumbnails…’

      Look at what is in that box.

      Copy that text

      Go to the ABA Website and do the post you want. At the point you want your photo to go, paste what you have copied.

      Now you will see the code printed out.

      Submit your post and when it comes up your photo will appear!

      Clever. How do they do it!

      Have a go. Once you have done one there will be no stopping you.

      If you have any problems send me a private message. If it’s necessary I will phone you and talk you through it. It really is worth the effort to crack this. I wish more people could. Things come alive when you can see what people are talking about.

      I just did what I have described and here I am. It still works.Good luck.

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      The rope arm is not attached. I just brought the bell home today and will bring the bracket home tomorrow. I can post a photo once it is on the stand if anyone likes. Thanks for your help and hopefully this works. I removed the tarnish from the bell only. It looks polished but it is pitted and the original machining marks are still there.
      I am looking for another bell, only a llittle smaller. I have my eyes on one, I am just waiting for it to reapear.

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      Peter Hyde

      Looks great!

      Keep the photos coming.

      And good luck with your search.


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      Here is the finished product of 60 hours of work. I like what I have done. The drawer will be lined with felt or velour and will hold the history of the bell and the old parts I had to replace because they were too corroded. This bell came from NYCS/MCRR steam locomotive 7927/2027. It was an H7d Mikado built in November of 1913 and was the only steam locomotive retired by NYCS in 1949. Hope you like it.

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      Peter Hyde

      This really is what this website can be about.
      This really excellent photo shows us what is possible, albeit with a lot of hard work. This must have given you a lot of pleasure and it has been good of you to share it with us.
      I’m doing a rather less professional job of restoring the old school bell about which I did an earlier post and blog.

      Let’s hope we see more of this type of item?

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      Thank you. I most certainly enjoyed working on the bell and I learned a lot too. I am waiting for the next bell to appear. When it does I will post another picture when it is done.

      All The Best

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