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      I will go out to measure later ( It is pouring rain here ) but I have been spending hours trying to find out anything about this bell that was just given to me. And then I found you folks !!
      This bell appears to be stainless or something similar. The yoke is cast iron or cast steel with multiple layers of paint which will be sandblasted off.
      The yoke is also frozen to the pins that allow the bell to swing when the crank is pulled. I hope to be able to free that up with heat.

      For now I would just like to find out a little bit. There are faded numbers that I can’t quite make out at the top of the yoke and the clapper appears to be made out of cast iron also.

      Thank you
      Bill Kenney
      Foster, RI

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      Be careful with putting heat on the cast iron yoke ends. They can break from stress by expansion of the cast iron. The bell is a train bell and probably made of brass. Bronze sometimes turns the color of stainless steel too. Try some kind of liquid oil lubricant you can get from auto shops.

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