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      Hey All,

      This is my first post. My house was built in 1910. There has been a bell mounted to it since it was built, from what I can tell. The bell is missing the clapper, and the brass rivet that held the bell to the hanger is missing. I believe someone has also replaced 2 rivets with flat head screws. The cast is all one piece, with no seams, The letters are raised, and show rounding of the edges. The letters are the familiar latin “ovime tangit vocem meam a”. The picture is of a sheep, a swan, and a dog. I will try to attach photos.

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      Yes photos would be useful. The inscription is Latin and translates out to “Touch me to hear my voice”. It comes in quite a number of different styles from hand bells to wall mounted units. I’d like to see a photo before I would be willing to try and go any further as to meanings / usage though, please and thanks!

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      If you go to the top of the “Bell Talk” Forum page and find the “search” feature in the top right corner, enter “vocem mean” into the box with the magnifying glass and click on “search.” You will find links to about 17 different postings on the forum that mention bells with these words on them.

      If you find that you need help posting pictures, go to the “Frequently Asked Questions” section on the ABA Online Library (on the forum) and you will find instructions on how to post pictures using Photobucket.com.

      Good luck,

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