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      On a recent trip to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, I happened to be by a wonderful Church called St. Joseph’s Basilica.

      I noticed a set of 3 bells perched above one wing and managed to snap the following photo’s to share with you.

      I have asked the Church as to the wording I see on the bells (I can’t make it out in my photos, sadly, as I was using my ‘carry around pocket camera’, my main cameras were not with me that day!

      I don’t know if they still ring the bells, I didn’t hear them while I was in the area. My research sadly shows that most Churches no longer ring their bells. They apparently get too many complaints about it, so unfortunately a beautiful audio historic tradition is being slowly lost.

      Here are 2 of the photos, I’ll try to put the other one in the next part of this thread. (It’s saying my 256 KB photo is too big because the maximum size allowed by this site is 256kb. -go figure!)


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      Here’s the other photo, had to really shrink it to get it in.
      Fortunately the link I provided in the prior posting has other photos in it to help.


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      can you help me on how to post a picture? Thanks

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      If you go to viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3776 in our “Using the ‘Bell Talk’ Forum” section, you will find step-by-step directions for posting pictures using Photobucket.com.

      If you would like me to post photos for you, please send them to coordinator@americanbell.org.

      Good luck!

      Admin (Carolyn)

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      From the style of the decoration, these bells must have been cast by Petit & Fritsen.

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      I agree with Carl. These look like Petit & Fritsen bells.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Thanks for that information guys!
      I also wrote to the church to ask if they had any other info on them. No response yet.

      (PS. I sent Carolyn a description on how I post my photos, in response to that question I was asked here, in case it’s of interest or help to others. If you ask, I am sure she will forward a copy to you too.)


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