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      ovidiu oana


      ”Bells appeared in the dream, reveals a taste for fun and joy of living”

      Fascinating objects with considerable seniority, lost somewhere in the mists of the Bronze Age, bells, are attached to an extension of the technique of semi-spherical bell which was closed, one of the forms of artistic expression of the egg, symbol of creation, and then sphere as a symbol of perfection and totality, humanity would naturally want to and its all-time.
      Indeed, “the sphere is synonymous with symmetry, with bivalent and bi-sexuality” in the view of Plato (Symposium). About the symbols of ancient civilizations in the sphere we can recall no particular order:
      – tetramorful Etruscans were a sphere with a cross-over Plato;
      – Atlantis is talking about the old “pomegranate symbol” – Plato, Atlantis;
      – we are not sure yet if the “Aristotelian ring” will be understood by ancient Greeks to represent graphic design Ptolemaic geocentric, or rather this planet of ours, which was represented by the Chinese as a series of concentric spheres;
      – Ovidius, talking about a god who tried to establish order in the formless matter, said that “first of all, he united the whole earth, so as not to be unequal in its parts, the appearance of its huge scope” – Ovidius Publius Naso, Metamorphoses;
      – In Hebrew, “the prophets are to emanate from God three spheres which means fullness of three cycles”: the first sphere of love is red, the second is the wisdom and blue, and the third is the creation and green;
      – The Arabs, Ibn ‘Abbas signals our belief that the water element was created “as a white pearl with dimensions of heaven and earth”;
      – The Babylonians were transformed into a sphere object with profound symbols high esteem, as they present figures describing Baroso priest from a temple of Baal.

      Sphere symbol in heraldry was taken over by the meaning of “stability, accounting immunity eternity” and is an attribute of kings.

      Beliefs about the sanctity of the scope was extended, probably from the origins of creation – ie. vault to the universe, bird egg, fish egg, the uterus in humans and animals, all of which meant protection and development, and applied and basic functionality of bells-bells round. The small size, perfectly spherical or slightly flattened they were used primarily to protect life or invoke divine aid, it is only present in ritual acts concerning life and not death, as happened to the classic bell-shaped.


      If we were to proceed to the classification of types of crotals, which I think would be more appropriate to call them generically spherical bells, then I could submit to the following test:

      1. spherical bells with a cut and the holes and clamping system – with a smooth surface;
      2. spherical bells with two perpendicular cuts and holes and clamping system – with a smooth surface;
      3. spherical bells with holes cut and with clamping system – with a face carved, with two major sub-categories:
      – ordinary bells, and elsewhere in Asia;
      – bells tiger (tiger bells) in Asia
      4. other forms.

      (see picture CROTALS)

      Bells were used mainly spherical in six basic ways common to all geographic areas and all time
      1. protect newborns
      2. decorations – harness and chariot or animals sled
      3. ritual instrument
      4. decorative ceremonial clothing
      5. rol marking and protection of domestic animals
      6. jewelry

      After these general considerations, the next article I will present the Asian Tiger Bell
      Yhank you!

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