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      I was asked by a volunteer group I work with to produce a “school bell”.
      I bought them this one on eBay 8″ diameter 5.5″ bell height:

      Before I polish this one out does anyone recognize it? I have seen this shape in older larger bells, but not this small. Is this a ’50’s copy of a larger bell as I suspect? The arm is too light for naval use.
      The clapper arrangement is as it would be in a naval bell. It is substantial. It was a bell made to be used.
      Any ideas?

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      These are quite common and are called Patio Bells as they would be mounted outside on a wall or post for use on a patio. They are als sold as Yacht Bells. This one was probably manufactured in the 1960s.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Thank you very much for the information. I knew it was a “hardware store” patio bell, but I would not have guessed the ’60s.

      I like the look of the bell and it will polish up nicely. Its history will matter little where it is going. The kids, and tourists will love it.
      It will look nice hanging on its new home, a restored one room school house in Southern Oregon.

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