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      ovidiu oana

      Love for beauty and harmony was born millennia ago;
      Flowers were and always remained the main female decoration, but as society evolves, decorations of carved bone fragments were the first alternative; (photo 1)

      Later was replaced with jewelry made of wood, bronze, iron, each adding a drop natural imagination to human beauty. (photo 2)

      Over time I had the chance to purchase decorations with bells of the various areas:

      One of this is an Ancient bronze Turkoman Kuchi Tribal dangle Bells Rings Bracelet

      Afghan jewelry with special skills are bronze and lapis lazulis inserts:

      At the same album you can see Ding Dong Bell Swarovski Gold Earrings, an Old afgan tribal pendant with bells or Tibetan decorative bells:

      About Christmas decorations with bells we will speak in the next posting.

      Thank you and have a nice weekend!

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