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      I am trying to get a ball park value on 2 bells. I know most sites don’t do appraisals but is there somewhere I could look that might help. I believe I have railroad bells — one with a swinging arbor and swinging clapper and one with a fixed air clapper. One bell was made by E.W. Vanduzen. Thanx in advance for any help you can give me. Kayze58

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      Peter Hyde

      I would do a google search on ‘railroad bells’ At the very least you will find Brossamer bells who have many railroad bells for sale.

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      Railroad bells have different values for railroad memorabilia collectors than they do for bell collectors. If the specific locomotive that the bell came from is known, this greatly enhances the value of the bell. Also if the boiler number plate from the locomotive is with the bell, this enhances the value. Pictures would be helpful as they might help date the bells and identify the railroad. Older bells are generally more valuable. Many larger railroads, such as the Pennsylvania Rail Road, cast their own bells. In general, intact railroad bells will range in value from $500-$5000 depending on size, design, age, and railroad. Some rare bells will sale for a higher price.
      Harry Long, MD

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