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      Does the letter Z on top of a C.S. Bell designate anything?
      I haven’t received the bell yet but the seller reports that there is a letter Z on top of the bell.
      The number 2 might make more sense.
      This is reportedly an 18″ bell weighing 45-50 lbs with a number 3 yoke.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      My guess is you are correct and it is a #2 bell which has been attached to a #3 yoke some time after it was made, but then, I get new surprises all the time from old bells. Perhaps it is a Z. If it is, I have never seen that cast into a C. S. Bell Co bell. — Neil Goeppinger

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      My bell is on a number 4 yoke it has a 4 on one side of the bell and a B on the other side this is on top of the bell partically under the yoke. Don’t know what the B means the 4 agrees with the yoke size

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