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      My daughter ordered this from an Etsy artist, and the fine detail of its painting is fantastic. I just had to share. It has legs clapper, and the arms are movable.

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      A nice bell, your daughter has good taste!
      Although I believe that you probably know all the below, I figured I’d add it here so that others, particularly new members, might benefit from it too. (a reminder to the rest of us doesn’t hurt either!)

      Because you know exactly where it comes from, I’d advise you to gather as much history on it as you can from the artist immediately! The history behind the bell is half it’s value!

      Some items I think you should keep with a bell, if you can:
      Name and a biography of the artist, if they are willing to give it.
      Is there a story behind the bell? (ie from a nursery rhyme? a historical figure? a family member? Made because of a memory or situation?)
      Where was the bell made? (country, city, artist studio name)
      Construction information (like you said, hand made!)
      What was it’s cost? (print the advertisement out, for example!)
      When was it made?
      Artist’s name? (Potter’s name if it is different, some have both!)
      What does this bell mean to you? (evokes a memory? looks like a loved one? – explain!)

      All that type of information should be recorded and kept with the bell. Years from now it will be impossible to find (or remember) and you will be really glad you did this now. When it gets passed on, it will mean a lot more to your next generation too!

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      Yes, she does have good taste, Garry, as she is an artist herself, and a lot of her work has similar fine detail. I don’t normally include all the provenance that you have listed in my catalog, but I will do all that I can for this one as it is special. Thanks for looking and your reply, Ailene

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