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      This is a better picture of the marks

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      Willie B. Herd

      U are trying to identify this…..the white markings appear to be British, (the crown isn’t so well-done)…made in June 1953, possibly #8 of 53 made.
      Is it Brass???? Also, measurements and weight can help.
      Any other markings??? Info??? 🙂

      I finally saw this, From your other thread: “It has a crude crown makers mark with E P underneath. Next to it is stamped SCC 6/53 and under that in a circle is SC with a C below and 7 below that.”

      IMHO, The letters under crown are ER….maybe the leg of the R was scraped off, or flattened by a hit from something. Also, fairly sure the letters next to it, and below read SCG, probably the maker, or possibly S. Coast Guard. I believe the circled stamped mark notes that it passed final inspection, anyway it was applied after casting. (The Royal House had to approve everything; the ship, the cannon, and the gunpowder!) Try a good magnifying glass…good luck!

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