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      Here’s a pretty standard animal bell with a bit of a twist.

      Vital stats:
      2.5″ diameter at skirt, 2″ high to shoulder.
      Handle and clapper BAR ONLY are magnetic.
      cross in shield on the side with some fancy turnings.

      I suspect it’s a sheep bell from Norway, perhaps for the tourist trade?

      Interesting parts:
      1. handle is painted Iron rather than molded brass as is typical in these bells.
      2. significant care taken to dress up the outside of the bell, not usual in an animal bell.

      Observations? Comments?
      🙄 Garry’s out to lunch again, it’s really a … ? 😀


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      This is a modern Swiss animal bell. The Cross is the symbol of Switzerland and is displayed on their flag. The bell is typical of a Swiss Bronze animal bell. Sheep bells are smaller and cow bells bigger. I’ve been told that an animal can handle 1 pound of bell for every 100 pounds of animal. The small size would be for a sheep or goat, but more likely is designed for the tourist trade. You’ve got another very nice bell.
      Harry Long

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      Thanks, I like it too. It has a nice ring.
      Swiss army knife has the same symbol! Don’t know why I didn’t think of that – at least I was in the right area!
      I hadn’t thought of the goats, it’s probably the right size for that use = I would think that sheep would be a bit bigger.
      I note that someone wrote the number 7 inside with felt marker. I didn’t say anything as it was probably a prior owner who marked it and put some details about bell #7 in his notes somewhere.

      It certainly hasn’t been used, and it’s a bit too fancy for normal animal wear, so I also came up with a tourist bell. Guess I am slowly learning something from you and the others after all!


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