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      My father left these bells to me. He said he obtained them in Germany while he was enlisted there somewhere in the early ’50’s I expect.

      Are these bells copper? Brass?

      The 2 bells on the far right have depictions of the zodiac. Specifically speaking, the pelican was a ‘primal’ atrological sign in 1933 for the period of late September to mid October.

      Leo the Lion (the other symbol on the bells) was not used in the ‘primal’astrological signs of that year…or for any year that I can tell. That’s where it gets confusing. Why would they use one symbol from a ‘primal’ astrological guide and then another from Western astrology? Or perhaps I’m misinterpreting.

      Any help is appreciated.

      Thank you. 🙂

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      Actually the zodiac one you are talking about is the pelican apostle bell. It’s actually reasonably common.
      Do a search in the upper right box for Pelican bell or “Apostle, Pelican , Evangelist and Stork Bells”
      and you will see various examples. The “Apostle, Pelican , Evangelist and Stork Bells” thread mentioned also lists all the combinations of animals and what the mean. It’s a good reference! The pelican is a symbol of atonement for example, nothing to do with the zodiac,sorry!
      We aren’t allowed to indicate price but you should be able to find various examples being sold on line.
      Price is also a factor of age, so without examining it closely we couldn’t even give you a good estimate.

      The other two are typical India bells. What appears to be nice about yours is that they were enameled (melted glass in the pattern) or painted. You would have to look closely to find out. That does bring the price up a bit as most were only etched. India is very prolific in these types of bell (and claw bells) manufacture. Many bells were designed for specific meanings or purposes. The most known versions are the Bells of Sarna (Sarna is an importer/manufacturer). Again quite nice examples but check on line for prices!


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      Garry, thanks for your help on what appears to be a most interesting hobby.


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