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      Scott in Arizona writes:

      This question is in regard to a recently acquired locomotive bell. It is a brass bell with a brass finial and 12″ diameter base. The bell itself weights approximately 45 – 50 pounds, is traditionally shaped and does not have the characteristics of an older EMD. What seems unusual to me is the yoke and cradle are not cast. Although the execution was aesthetically and structurally excellent they both have been formed from welded 5/16 ” steel plate. It is noted there are no bushings in the cradle where the yoke pins rock. Also, the brass finial has no surface where a wrench can be applied. The clapper ball is not perfectly formed, moreover has some flat spots from machining. Is this bell of a type actually put in service on a working railroad? If so what era and locomotive type? Steve Lee, department head of Union Pacific Steam Division, said yoke and cradles of this type were produced during the war. If anyone in the country knows steam I am sure he does! Still, any additional information on this equipment would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Scott

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      It sounds like this is a diesel locomotive bell that someone made a bracket for mounting after it was removed from the locomotive. Most diesel bells are mounted under the locomotive and rung by air.

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