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      Hey, I am fascinated with antiques & stumbled upon a very old Bell piece. I try to learn all I can when discovering new antiques. Bells are a pretty vague subject if you don’t know much about them. The bell I have I believe is a Primitive dinner bell. Very lightweight and quite thin. The height is roughly 2 3/16” tall. Width of the base (lip to lip) is roughly 2 3/4”. Hole on the top, oval hole on the side. 3 smaller holes towards the base. Unaware of the material, seems to be mixture of brass & tin. All one piece. There are a few cracks. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Pictures won’t upload so I attached in file form. If nothing shows please email me at cjpool22@yahoo.com Thank you for your time and dedication!

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      Hello seepool
      Good to hear that you have an old bell that you are interested in.
      Pictures will be very helpful but there is a limit on size which is why (I suspect) you are not able to upload pictures. Please try this …

      Resize photos

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