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      I recently acquired a C.S. Bell & Co #2 farm bell. Once I finish restoring this bell, I want to have it sit on a tree stump. The tree stump is from an old maple tree we had to cut down a few years ago. It’s very dense and level, tall and wide (30″ in diameter and over 3 ft tall). It sits in front of our driveway/yard and would be the perfect place to showcase this bell, welcoming visitors, etc.
      I realize that this is a post mount bell, but can anyone suggest a way to attach the upright to the face of a tree stump? I know this is a bit unorthodox, but like I said, seeing the bell sitting on this stump as we pull into our driveway would be the perfect spot. I want to try and incorporate the upright into the design and avoid A-frames. I was thinking of just sandwiching the upright with lag screws in between wood blocks and then securing it to the face of the stump. Any other suggestions?


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      Depends on how high the stump is!
      If it’s low, consider getting a metal post just behind it, then strap or drill and screw the post to the stump. (put the base in the ground of course!) Then the bell is there and you can possibly use the stump for a low voltage directional (solar cell type) light to illuminate it at night!

      If it’s high then consider a strap around the post so that it sticks out from the stump. Although I would be nervous because if you attach directly to the stump you run a risk of the stump falling over. Dead tree stumps have a tendency to rot and get bugs – that natural recycling!- so may not be sturdy for long!

      Send us a photo of what you end up doing! I am sure that we are all curious!

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