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      Peter Hyde

      Some secular towers have been built in the UK by private individuals. The best known can be seen in Quex Park near Birchington Kent. This was built by the local squire, John Powell Powell in 1919. Today it is very popular with ringers from all over the country and its 12 bells are in constant demand. A Mr Charlie Jarvis and a Mr Authur Jopp later in the 20th century also built small private Towers. The ingenious Mr Jarvis first adapted bicycle wheels to do the job of wooden whole wheels because of the lack of space.
      And now following the tradition established by these pioneers comes Steve Hough and his brother Martin.
      The story of what they have done can be seen on this website:

      Have a look and, if you feel so inclined, send them a message of support. There certainly are many aspects to this world of bells!

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