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      Our friend bought an old house that has what I think might be an old school bell. The writing on the yoke reads “Hibbard Spencer & bartlett & Company”. On the back of the yoke it just says yoke 3 and some numbers that are pretty well worn off. I did some research for our friend and did find out a little about the company whose name is on the bell, they were out of Chicago and eventually the company became True Value Hardware. So far I haven’t been able to find who manufactured the bell for them. Could anyone give us an idea how old this bell might be and who manufactured it?

      I uploaded a picture to photobucket so I hope this link works.

      Thanks for any help, Don

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      Sure looks like another C S Bell Co. , Hillsboro, OH bell. a “farm” or “dinner” or “school” bell
      They made ’em for many retailers with names cast in, and other generic bells with no names.
      There’s a ton of info in these forums on C S Bell.

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