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      If you have an interest in the history and use of altar or Sanctus bells, please download a copy of my newly completed monograph on the subject at: http://www.geocities.com/sanctusbells/

      I would appreciate comments on the work. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.
      e-mail: sanctusbells@yahoo.com

      –originallly posted by “Matthew D. Herrera” on Bell Talk 1/18/05

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      Dear Matthew: This is Ray Sanborn calling from Toronto, Ont., Canada. I am the chaplain of a high school here in Toronto, last year I tried to introduce “sanctus bells” to our celebrations, but was over-ruled by a priest who thought they were no longer allowed. He was from the Paulists, an American order; however he is now gone and I may try to re-introduce these to our liturgies. Your book provides a much valued addition to the literature on this topic. Fortunately the excesses of the 1970’s and ’80’s are giving way to a more solemn sense of celebration. I think the American church was particularly extreme in regard to throwing out everything that Catholics have traditionally valued. Here in Canada bells are still used quite regularly and there does not seem to be the polemics over it. I do wish that someone would tie a bell around the neck of some of those liturgists and throw them overboard–they got us into much of this mess (metaphorically speaking–of course!). I believe that the latest edition of the G. I. R. M. (that is included in your excellent bibliography) allows for bells; however it seems to be at the discretion of the priest (thus technically my priest here was probably right). I would like to know where these can be bought, are there any companies that specialize in making these? We are building a new chapel and I would like to have some for our school. Thanks and please let me know where any can be found (if you know yourself).

      —original reply by “Raymond J. Sanborn, Toronto” 1/21/05

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      Dear Ray; It’s nice to hear that someone in your position is interested in introducing the use of Sanctus bells. For the most part I agree with your views on US Church/clergy and “liturgists” in general. All we can do is pray for them and work hard to bring the facts to the surface.

      While Sanctus bell use is still up to your priest, my little booklet should shut-down any “liturgist” with an anti-bell agenda to push.

      If my parish allowed the ringing of Sanctus bells (which it does not), I believe I would order a set from Ziegler’s at:


      They seem well priced, very traditional/solid in design, and Ziegler’s has always treated me quite well. My suggestion does follow a great deal of research.

      Be sure to download the latest copy of my booklet which I uploaded tonight. I don’t expect any changes or additions from this point forward. Good luck in your quest to bring bells to your new chapel. Let us know how things turn out.

      —original reply by “Matthew Herrera” on 1/23/05

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      Peter Hyde

      I like to include a new and old example of different types of bell in my collection. In the UK there are a few dealers in church antiques who can supply used Sanctus bells. They are reluctant to say which Church they were used at. Personally I think they are being oversensitive about this. If they don’t want anyone to know they have sold a Sanctus bell why sell it in the first place?! Strange position for an institution that must value truth? As for new, The Whitechapel Bell Foundry are going to make me a set of new Sanctus bells. This is a new venture for them. They may then publicise their availability to Churches. They will be their usual high quality bell metal. As a collector I am delighted to be the first buyer of an item from a world famous Foundry.

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