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      Doug Kuntz

      Hello, I have a cast Iron Eagle Bell manufactured in Lebanon, PA. It has an interesting ratcheting movement designed by P. L. Weimer and a Pat. of July 23, 1867. (patent #67006 accortding to a Google patent search) My question is, what is the best way to free these parts due to rust. I do not want to damage the parts and hope to restore the bell to perfect working order. any help would be appreciated.

      Thanks, Doug Kuntz

      P.S. is it worth restoring or should I leave it as is and disregard the ratcheting idea?

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      I cannot speak to the value of restoration, others here are far more qualified to do that.
      Rust can be removed in an electrolytic bath. The process removes only rust and leave bare steel or iron.
      I am set up to do such work. How large are your parts? Contact me off-forum if you might be interested in having this done.

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      I’ve glimpsed a few iron bells with ratcheting mechanisms. Obviously the idea of those mechanisms was to rotate the bell slightly each time it was rung, so as to distribute the clapper wear uniformly around the inside of the bell. If the parts are sufficiently restorable to make the mechanism work as intended, it would be quite interesting.

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      Doug – If you happen to still frequent the forum, I recently acquired the same Eagle bell with the ratcheting mechanis, that you have but we are missing the original upright–the piece that attaches to the yoke. My husband would like to fabricate a piece to match the original, but we haven’t been able to find a photo of one. Wondered if by chance you (or anyone reading) would have a photo of a bell made by Eagle Co.?

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      Willie B. Herd

      Doug, you might try spraying/soaking with WD 40…or liquid wrench. Give it a good spray and let sit for a day or two. W

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