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      I used to try to access this website with the Translate function under the “More” tab on the
      Google home page. Google often had problems with that route and the website’s links.

      Recently I noticed that the website now offers an English translation from its own home page.
      Apparently it works better to access Google Translate from within the webpage to be translated.

      If you follow this link you will get to the website in Russian. http://www.showbell.ru/
      (You might wish to copy and paste the website address to another browser session,
      then you can have both this page and the website open at the same time.)

      Click on Eng in the upper right corner.

      That will take you to an English translation of the most recent article in the blog.
      Each article will show the Title, Date, Author Name, beginning text of the article, and one photo.
      Below the photo there is usually a link Read more >> that will jump to the entire article.

      If you scroll to the bottom of the webpage there is a link “In the past to take you to previous pages.
      Click that and at the top of the second page you will see http://www.showbell.ru/blog/page/2
      If you know you would like to jump to, say, page 7, then change the /page/2 to /page/7

      The articles are on whatever interests the forum members and which they choose to contribute.
      Many concern travel and the bells they found on that trip.
      Others may deal with bells from a particular artist or region.
      Scroll through and back to previous pages to find whatever appeals to you.

      You will notice many articles by ABA member Larissa Franczek (Moscow), and you will have seen articles by her in the Bell Tower. If you jump back to page 15, scroll down to the bottom of that page, and then upwards, you will find a series of articles she wrote about her visit to the 2011 ABA Convention in St Louis.
      The first article dates from 7/05/2011 (USA format mm/dd/yyyy).
      The last article in the series is on page 14.
      Some of the dates are in the European format (dd/mm/yyyy).

      The Russian > English translation is a literal, computer generated translation by Google. It apparently tries to choose the “best” word for word translation, then deals with grammar and sentence structure. There are “hits” and “misses”, and sometimes the meaning is unclear. You can usually understand most of it, even if it does not appear in the order that we might consider standard usage.


      If any of the above is incorrect or unclear, please write to me privately.
      I will try to explain it to you, and then expand or correct the text above.


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