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      Steve Thomas

      I have a Rumsey#33 Bell and am looking for a yoke, clapper, stands, and a wheel. Does anyone know where I can buy these parts?? Thanks
      Steve Thomas
      Cherokee, Iowa

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      Neil Goeppinger

      Hello Steve, I happen to be a fellow Iowan. The only place I know to obtain bell parts for iron bells is Todd Lower in Toledo, Ohio. He gets to Iowa occasionally. I bought some parts from him this past fall when he was passing through. His web site is:
      He makes and sells parts for bells. I am assuming your bell is iron (made in Seneca Falls, N.Y.). There also was a Rumsey Mfg Co in St Louis which sold bronze bells with their name on them although they were made by other firms, mostly by McShane of Baltimore. A few of theirs were made by Stuckstede of St Louis.

      I’m getting too detailed. Just contact Todd Lower. His phones are 419-843-5850 home and 419-350-7262 cell. You may have to do a little fitting or drilling to get your bell to fit his yoke, but the chance of finding an old yoke in the size you need from Rumsey, seperate from a bell, are very low. People either saved the bell with the parts, or saved the bell without the parts, but they didn’t save the parts without the bell. Those went to the scrap yard. — Neil

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      Hello, I have a #3 bell by Rumsey Mfg out of St. Louis. It is “Crystal Metal”. I believe the date is 1883 or 1886. I also have the yoke. I have it outside where it has always been but i need to know the best way to preserve it. Also does anyone know the value of such a bell? It is iron i am sure. It was a school bell in Texas.
      Thank you for any help. I do want to keep it for my children and do not wish anymore damage than possible to it.
      JK Wall

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      Just sand or wire-brush it and brush on a couple coats of Rustoleum paint. Red, silver, bronze, or black look best on bells. A number 3 farm bell (complete and undamaged) usually goes for around $250.

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