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      This website was mentioned on the Russian bell website http://www.showbell.ru/blog

      The Rudolf Perner foundry has been casting large bells for over 300 years. Established in what is now the Czech Republic, it has operated in Passau Germany since 1947. The link http://www.glocke.com will take you to their basic homepage.
      If you click the British flag at the bottom you will see a 24-page PDF document in English.
      You can reach their new website by clicking on “weiter zur neuen Website“.

      The pages are in German but you can get an English translation by using Google language tools, “Translate a web page“, selecting German to English, and entering “glocke.com“. (The same technique works for the Russian website mentioned above.)

      One page that does not translate correctly is the Sound Spectrum but that can be reached directly at

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