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      I would appreciate any comments/history/valuation of what I think is a hotel desk call bell from the 1800s. It is a globe/spherical shape on a marble base, and it’s about 6″ tall. (See the pictures.)

      It was my grandmother’s (born 1892), given to her by some neighbors to use in her playhouse, so I don’t suppose it is particularly valuable, but I have only found one example that is similar after searching for an hour and a half on the Web.
      It is actually two bells on a single axis, producing two tones when twirled.

      Thanks in advance for taking time to respond!

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      I found this one, which is valued by the seller at $300. It is not in nearly as good a condition as yours.


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      Thanks for your input. Any idea how to establish its actual value (rather than some owner’s hope/guess)?

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      The American Bell Association does not give appraisals or maintain a list of certified bell appraisers. Having said that, any value of a bell that is given on the Bell Talk Forum is the opinion of the poster and should not be considered to be endorsed by the American Bell Association.

      Just because this bell was a gift to your grandmother when she was a child does not mean it is not a “valuable” bell. Its age, condition, rarity, maker, and materials are all factors to be considered. This type of bell goes by several general names: hotel bell, tap bell, desk bell, call bell, etc. I would suggest you look at online auction sites for similar bells and make note of their selling prices. This will give you an idea of what bells like this one could sell for. Of course, we can’t put a price on sentimental value!

      It’s a nice bell with a nice story! Enjoy it!


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