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      Here’s a bell I hope someone out there can help me on.
      I have done some preliminary research, but it all leads me to Italy.
      Unfortunately, I don’t speak, read, or write Italian!

      I have found the website of this bell:

      It’s the 89th Rotary Club and was founded in BORGOMANERO ARONA in ’54.

      It’s marked
      Rotary Club
      (So it’s obviously a 10th anniversary commemorative bell)

      The site talks about the initial founders and a few such details, but says nothing about the bell.

      It appears to be cast, the mold lines are still visible on the 3 loop top (look closely and you will see it!)
      The inside is rough like you would expect but appears to have a coat of gold paint on it.

      I’d like to know a bit more about the bell – typically these could be presentation pieces as easily as souvenir pieces sold to members. Which is it?
      It also shows a glue mark above the lettering (the letters are molded on the bell as part of the pour). I suspect that it was a GEAR icon similar to the one on the website certificate document, but I don’t know for sure – nor what colors it may have sported etc. back then. Ideally I’d like to find a contemporary replacement to make the bell ‘whole’ again.

      Alternatively the spot might also be where a small presentation plaque might easily have been placed! For example these may (and I am guessing here!) have been presented to the original founders, so a founder’s name may have been here originally.

      Vital Stats:
      slightly magnetic (possibly the eye bolt for the clapper)
      2 and 5/8″ in diameter and just under 3″ high.

      Any insights on this one out there?


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