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      I would like to know anything i can find out about the Ross Mehan Foundry in Chatt, TN. I just bought a # 15 bell that was made there. I know of one other bell in the same neighborhood also made by them. Any new info would be appreciated. I am a new member so if I am doing something wrong please tell me. Schoolie97

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      I once owned a no 22 Ross Meehan school bell. They made farm bells nos 1 to 4 and school bells. No 1 was smallest and no 4 was largest farm bells. Is you bell 15 inches wide? If it is it is probably a no 2 farm bell. They closed in the 80s I think and now a sports stadium is where the old foundry was. I think it started in the late 1800s.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      When you first posted requesting information on Ross Mehan Foundry, I was away from my home where my foundry records are, thus the delay in reply. First, I have it listed as Ross Meehan Foundries, with 2 e’s. I first learned of the firm when I saw a farm bell in Prescot, Iowa made by them. Later I acquired a letter dated 7-23-74 from the Chattanooga Public Library to Lois Springer (author of Collector’s Book of Bells] and of That Vanishing Sound) in which they stated they made farm bells and were still in existence. Your earlier reply which stated they went out of business in the 1980’s corroborates that they were still in business in July of 1974, the date of the letter. That letter spelled the name Ross Meechan Foundries. I believe there should be 2 e’s, but that the “c” in Meechan was a mistake. If the lettering on your bell is clear, please let me know what it reads. Thanks. — Neil

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