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      Hello all. I have a Ross-Meehan Foundry Chattanooga Tennessee bell
      that is about 2 feet long and probably a 20 inch diameter that belongs to a friend of mine. I was told it
      is very old (early 1900’s). It appears to also have the number 17 embossed on it. The embossing is on the part that holds the bell for ringing and not on the bell itself. Its in pretty good shape with no cracks. It appears to be made of a type of metal. It weighs 55 lbs. My friend wants to know its value and would possibly like to sell it. Any help will be appreciated. I live in Southwest Georgia.

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      Wow ! I see that nobody seems to answer people’s questions here after looking over past posts. One would figure bell collectors would have knowledge about bells to help novices ?

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Dear Robert,

      The American Bell Association is primarily a group of bell collectors. There are hundreds of different kinds of bells. By no means do all of our members have computers. Many who do, don’t participate in the forum. Many of our members, like me, have no expertise with large bells.

      Like any other forum, participation in this one is voluntary. We have no staff designated to do free research for people. We have no appraisers who volunteer their services free of charge. There is no requirement for our members to peruse our forum.

      I will go out on a limb and say that questions that are posted on the forum that have not been answered are that way because no participant who has read the question knows the answer. We don’t claim to have all the answers.

      You have done a better than average job of describing your friend’s bell in that you’ve told us the maker, the size, a guesstimate on the age and its weight. It would help if you could upload a picture of the bell. But, that is no guarantee that anyone who looks at this forum can tell you the value of the bell.

      If your friend would like to sell the bell, he/you are certainly welcome to post it in the “Bells for Sale” section of this forum. We would not accept the responsibility for setting a price for it, however.

      In this age of instant gratification, people sometimes forget that a day and a half turnaround for an answer to a question is not a long time. Please understand that we are a collector’s society. We are happy to answer people’s questions when we know the answer. But no one is obligated to respond to questions, especially if they don’t have an answer.

      It is unfortunate that your expectations of service from this site were improperly placed.


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