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      ovidiu oana

      Bells was well known in Roman Empire
      For Romans, the sound of a bell was one of the signs of Priap (greek-roman god);
      The first Roman Empereur Augustus hung a bell in Jupiter Temple (63 B.C.) -see photo-
      Roman children play with bells;
      When someone died, the family pay a ”bell duty”, or a bell with a bas tone sound in the way of a damned to the execution place;
      Dancers and prostitutes used bells decorations;
      A bell is hung to the oppening of thermes (Martial, “Epig.”, xiv, 161,);

      The most interesting history is related to first Christians during (St.) Peter’s time:
      The acces into the Roma’s catacombs for secret meetings they sound small bronze or silver bells.
      See one in my collection:

      During the first three centuries when Christians were not free to worship, there were special messengers who went from door to door to announce the services.

      Another famous roman bell is Crane Bell Candle Snuffer, the gold bell cast in Pompeii and found under The volcanic ash of year 70.
      I have a bronze replica:

      Roman used all bells, classic, quadrangular or crotals(spheric) shaped.

      Late, in the 8th century, an English Saint by the name of Bede first introduced the idea of ringing bells at a funeral. By the ninth century, bells had become an integral part of rites and rituals performed in the churches of the Western Roman Empire.

      Though bells were readily accepted in the Church in the West, in the Eastern Roman Empire, which is now known as the Byzantine Empire, bells were slow to catch on. Eastern Orthodox Christians were used to listening to the sound of semantrons, which were narrow, hand-held wooden slats that were hit up and down with hammers as a means to pound out a rhythm rather than a tune.

      But about Byzantine bells, next post.
      Thank you![attachment=1:9myed0bt]roman bell wf 07 – 29.jpg[/attachment:9myed0bt][attachment=2:9myed0bt]Jupiter Temple.jpg[/attachment:9myed0bt][attachment=0:9myed0bt]bronze roman bells.jpg[/attachment:9myed0bt]

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