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      I am interested in “tidbits” about Farmington; and I am a collector of random pieces of information.
      Farmington Academy, originally built about 1808, was in existence from roughly that date to 1864 when it was sold to the State of Maine and became Farmington Normal School.
      Rumor had it that there was a Revere Bell installed in the original Academy Building, but over the years, the original building was sold, parts of the original Normal School were torn down, and little if anything is known about that bell. And a major search took place in the 1950’s, and nothing was turned up. The question continues, even today.
      But recently, I found proof in the Registry of Deeds of Kennebec County that the Farmington Academy indeed did get a bell from the Reveres. There was an attachment document from the Paul and John Revere against the Trustees of Farmington Academy for the amount of $268. (dated 1811) The document said nothing about a “bell”, but why else would they, of all people, put a lien on the building if there hadn’t been a bell produced. About a year later, there was a document recorded indicating the lien had been satisfied and the Reveres recorded a release.
      So now we know for sure the Reveres did make a bell for Farmington Academy. Now to find it….

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