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      Trying to determine the maker, the probable age, or anything else you can figure out from the photos of this bell. (I have more photos if needed)
      I know it came from the old Duck Creek 1 room school house and it is now at a Church but that is all I know so far. I thought at first it was a CS Bell but no name is on it anywhere. In the photos of the YOKE it looks like that is a Z after the word “yoke” but the other side is blank except for the number 30 in the middle so no way to tell if that is just a very odd erosion pattern. Thanks for looking and I appreciate any input.
      H: 19.5 / W@ top: 12” / W@ bottom: 29.5
      Sorry for so many photos, the yoke seems to be so professionally made, but under that paint is the roughest cast bell I’ve ever seen.

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      Many CS Bells, such as yours, were not trademarked. Read my answer to the Jan 5 post (22 inch bell). Check the interior for a casting date (mo/day/last 2 digits of year). Large bells (24 and up) were dated from the late 1890’s to 1910 and 1918 to 1921. If there is no date it was not cast during those periods. In 1886 CS changed it’s design to what is most commonly found today (like yours). Enter “hillsboro” in the search here (above right). There are numerous posts. Steel bells were not as finely crafted as bronze ones but were cheaper and more durable. If a bell sounded acceptable it became part of the inventory regardless of the casting flaws.

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