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      Pictured is a US Navy bell, clapper, and mounting hardware that came with a 30’ sailboat we bought last year. Last fall, when we took the bell off its transom mount for the winter, the connecting eyehook that went from the clapper to the topnut dropped into the water and was lost. I’ve been looking around this winter for a DIY fix or a replacement part. I learned from this site that the bell is likely from a WWII vessel.

      It measures 6 1/2″ at the mouth (outer lip to outer lip) by 5″ tall; the letters are about 3/4″ high. The through-hole for the eyehook on the mounting bracket is 1/2” thick and 3/8” diameter. The threading inside the topnut is 7/8” coarse. I cannot find a production stamp/number on the bell (some have suggested looking on the inside of the crown), though it might be obscured by patina.

      Is it possible to get a replacement bolt? I have seen similar bells for sale, but we obviously don’t need the entire assembly. We have not been able to find eyebolts from the hardware store that simultaneously meet the 7/8” thread and 3/8” diameter requirements.

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