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      Randy in North Dakota writes:

      I am attempting to repair a donated # 28 CS Bell for use at a YMCA youth summer camp. 1) The rod connecting the clapper to the bell is bent. Should I straighten it? 2) I am unfamiliar with the terminology. One of the two “limiting springs” is broken. The unbroken one has the remanents of a piece of leather still riveted to it. What type of steel should the spring be made of? What should I use to replace the leather? Do the limiting springs need adjustment? 3) When I picked up the bell, it looked like a small hairline crack was present. This started at the bottom edge. After sandblasting, it couldn’t be seen. Now that it has been painted and has been sitting outside for a while, it visible again. Do you have any recommendations to repair/protect the bell from further damage? This would not show up on a digital photo. Thank you for your time. Randy

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      If the bell is cracked, it will have a muted sound with a rattling vibrration. Continued use will only lengthen and widen the crack. Welding or brazing the crack will not be effective as the crack will reappear. The bell is still of decorative value, but if it needs to be rung, you are better off buying another bell and retiring this one to a decorative function.
      Harry Long, MD

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      My father is helping to restore a C.S. Bell #28 from a church steeple. They are wanting to find out how much it weighs before they remove it. Does anyone have that information?

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      Regarding Weight for #28 C.S. Bell Co Bell
      #28 Bell Only 294 lbs
      #28 Bell and Mountings 450 lbs

      Space Required 40×36 inch platform or belfry
      Rope Size 5/8 inch
      Wheel Diameter 27 1/2 inches
      Assembly Height 39 inches

      The facts were included in a 1934 Steel Alloy Church & School Bells Catalogue from The C.S. Bell Company

      Sandra Wilson
      Prindle Station Bells

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