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      Ken in Canada writes:

      Our summer camp uses a bell to indicate beginning and end of skills, lunch, etc as well as in case of emergencies. It is an American Bell Foundry bell on a post 10 feet off the ground and has a wheel with a rope around it used to pull and ring the bell. Of late, the bell has not rung when the rope is pulled as the clapper is not touching the inside of the bell because there is a metal “U” fitting inside the bell which seems to be used to lesson the impact of the clapper and it now prevents most contact with the bell. What is the problem and how do we fix it? Has the clapper been worn down and now has not got enough weight to make contact? Did the clapper arm break years ago and get repaired too short, I do not know.

      If you can help, please post a response.
      Admin (Carolyn)

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      Can you send a picture of the bell particularly highlighting the clapper assembly and the interior of the bell?
      HJLong, MD

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      Here are two pictures of Ken’s bell:

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      The springs are designed to cause the clapper to immediately release contact with the bell after striking to avoid damping the strike note. they should be aligned 90 degrees from the axis of the bell swing. The clapper should be aligned so that its swing is 90 degrees from the axis of rotation of the bell. Yours is off of alignment by at least 15-20 degrees and that is why your clapper is not striking properly. Either the clapper assembly should be realigned or the entire bell and clapper assembly rotated for proper alignment.
      Good luck.
      Harry Long, MD

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      The Problem is that the entire bell is rotating in the yoke. That is also what is causing the wear marks around the strike point. The bell just needs straightened and the nuts should be tightened down. If there is only one nut on top and there is room for a second, put one on. Tighten the first one as far as you can then hold it steady with a wrench while tightening the second down against it with a second wrench.
      Eventually a loose bell will fall. It could take years to do so however especially if the bolt was painted when the bell was.

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