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      I don’t know if this is permissible or not, but I found it to be a nice story and great use of small bells – even if they do sell them from this site too.

      I thought other members might be interested in reading about this useage too.

      (Website deleted by Admin (Carolyn)


      I have deleted the link to the website because it simply was an advertisement for bells that are for sale. However, I do agree with Garry that the story is of interest so I will add the story here. – Admin (Carolyn)

      Remembrance Bells
      These are not Gremlin Bells. These bells are for your “Fallen Brothers”.

      Polishing the Bell

      It has been a tradition among some of us for a long time to attach a brass bell to our motorcycles to remember our brothers and sisters who have gone down riding.
      Its a small thing, but the reason a brass bell is chosen is that, as we ride, it gets dirty and tarnished. Every time we get down to wash and polish it, we are reminded of friends lost, and our thoughts turn to the meaning of being in the wind.
      As we ride and hear the bell ring, we know that our brothers and sisters are riding with us, and how easy it would be to join them with a single mistake.
      And maybe, just maybe, the next time a situation comes up; they will be there to help us…as long as we remember them by polishing the bell.

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      Thanks Carol,

      I didn’t want to run a foul of any plagiarism rules you might have, so I had only used the link.

      I would add, since they can’t see the bells, that these bells are typical Sarina bells in design.

      There was a great article in the last bell tower magazine on him as well!


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